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mine are 7.50 and 6.25. beat that.

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i am so blind that my glasses don’t even have numbers attached to the prescription, or at least, no numbers that can be pronounced with a human tongue. my optometrist gibbers and weeps, pouring more and more glass into the crucible necessary to forge my lenses. ‘oh gods in heaven,’ he cries in agony, his hands blistering with the power necessary to forge my glasses’ frames. ‘oh demons in hell, oh, many angled lords, may any powers listening have mercy on all our souls for what i create here tonight.’

i sit in a chair in the office, my fingers smoothing over magazine pages i cannot— yet—see, and i smile a terrible smile. 

yup i was met with astonishment the last time i got my eyes checked i cannot see shit


Amazing posters from the Australian Human Rights Commission’s “Know the Line” campaign which aims to prevent and reduce the harm of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces. 

Check their page out at 

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Yeah, it’s creepy and all when ghosts cause radios to play old-fashioned music from the time they were alive. But 100 years from now, it’s not going to be so spooky when ghosts are spontaneously playing Talk Dirty and Call Me Maybe.

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